Terms & Conditions

30th January 2017



1. Parking

I require enough space to park the grooming van on the clients property. Please ensure there is space available or give details of any nearby parking that can be used. Depending on how far away I am parked, I may request that the owner bring the dog to the van and that any consultations take place here.


Quotes are subject to change up till the time of collection. If there is likely to be a change in price, you will be contacted for agreement.

3. Payment

Payment must be made when the dog is returned/collected. Accepted forms of payment are cash and direct bank transfer. I accept card payments with an additional 2% fee.

4. Appointment Times

I will arrive as close to the scheduled appointment time as possible; however, please allow 20 minutes for late arrival. Sometimes situations occur that will disrupt the daily schedule. This includes: traffic, weather, mechanical difficulties, or spending more time with an older, younger, or difficult dog. Where possible I will try to leave enough time between grooms to allow for uncontrollable circumstances. The dog’s safety will never be compromised by rushing to meet a schedule. You will be called and advised of an arrival time when schedules change beyond my control.

5.  Insurance

I have Public Liability insurance, the Certificate is available to see in the van.

6.  Confirmation

I will send you a confirmation email/text within one week of your appointment to ensure it is not forgotten.

7Right to Refuse

I have the right to refuse to groom any dog if it is overly fearful or aggressive and where I believe that continuing the appointment could bring harm to either the dog or myself. I also have the right to refuse any customer if they are aggressive or abusive.

8. Refunds

Refunds are not customary once the service has been performed, and you have made payment in evidence of your satisfaction with my work. If you are unsatisfied with the work upon return of the dog I can make any changes that you require.

9. Confidentiality

I hold personal details on file such as addresses and contact details. These are locked in a filing cabinet in my home unless you have an appointment that day in which case they are transferred to a safe in the van.

10. Toilet Breaks

Please ensure your dog has the opportunity to go to the toilet prior to the grooming session to minimise the possibility of accidents in the grooming van. Dogs will be given breaks if necessary.

11. Website Photos

Clippity Snip reserves the right to use any photos on the website, Facebook and other media. If you do not want me to use these photos please provide written confirmation.

12.  Corrections

When collecting your dog, please take the time to check them over, if you notice anything that you would like corrected then please let me know prior to payment.

13. Cancellations

I ask for at least 48 hours notice if you are unable to keep an appointment to allow time to fill the slot.

14.  Missed Appointments

Please be at home for your grooming appointment. If you are not there within 15 minutes of your appointment, it will be classed as a cancellation and you will be charged accordingly.

15. Multiple Missed Appointments/Cancellations

I understand that life happens and missed/cancelled appointments will occur. However, if you have missed or cancelled 2 consecutive appointments or 3 in any 12 month period, you will be required to pay in advance of all your next scheduled appointments.

16. Vaccinations

Although Clippity Snip takes precautions to minimise the spread of disease through a thorough cleaning process, owners take full responsibility for any transmitted infections or diseases their dogs may contract.

17. Parasites

1. Ticks – will be removed if found. There will a charge of £1 per tick.

2. Fleas – If you know your dog has fleas please notify me when booking an appointment, you will be required to have the last appointment of the day to allow me to clean the van throughly to avoid them spreading to other clients. I will use a specially formulated flea shampoo which will be charged for appropriately depending on the size of your dog and the level of infestation.

18. Muzzles

I avoid muzzling dogs, however in certain situations it may be deemed necessary for safety. If a dog is getting aggressive or fearful I will first try to calm them and go through the process slowly, however sometimes it is kinder to muzzle the dog to get the process done quicker and safer.

19. Elderly Dogs

Elderly dogs are not able to withstand a lengthy grooming process, for this reason, they will be given regular breaks as deemed necessary by myself or as requested by the owner. They will also be given a style for cleanliness and comfort, which will be discussed beforehand with the owner.

20. Aggressive Dogs

Owners must inform Clippity Snip in advance of their appointment if their dog has bitten any person or animal or shows any aggressive tendencies. Dogs will be assessed prior to grooming and muzzles may be used as deemed necessary by the groomer. I will do every thing in my power to keep the dogs calm during the groom, however things do still go wrong. If your dog bites while in my care, the owner agrees to be held responsible for any and all medical bills, loss of income as well as equipment or property damage.

21. Pregnant Dogs

Dogs which are heavily pregnant should not be groomed as any increase in stress could have detrimental effects. If your dog is within the first 6 weeks of a pregnancy Clippity Snip will offer a basic groom, this will involve a quick bath and clean up. If the dog shows any signs of stress I will contact you to ask if you want me to continue, if you decide to stop the groom you will only be charged for the work completed. Owners take on full responsibility for any adverse effects.

22. Heavy Matting

Where possible I will try to keep as much of the dogs coat as possible by de-matting the fur, this will incur an additional charge of between £5 – £20. However there are some circumstances that this will not be possible as it can cause the dog pain and in these cases I will request permission to clip the entire dog short and ‘start over’ with a new healthy coat. You will then be requested to book regular appointments to keep the dog’s coat in good condition, or I can offer advice on grooming at home, and supply suitable products.