Raw Feeding

What are the benefits of raw feeding?

We all know the benefits of eating raw fruits and vegetables for their vitamins, minerals, live enzymes and nutritive value, and the same applies for our dogs. A raw or BARF diet is about matching as closely as possible to what a dog would eat in the wild.

Feeding a raw or BARF – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food – diet to your pet will ensure that they are getting all the vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will keep them fit and healthy.

Dogs and cats have evolved to eat meat and bone. The structure of their jaws, their teeth and their digestive system have not changed at all since the days that they would hunt and scavenge for their food which is why it makes sense to continue to feed them raw meat and bone, just as nature intended.

Most manufactured dog foods contain a long list of additives, preservatives and grain products. Grain makes up the majority of processed, commercial dog food because they are a cheap way to fill the dog up yet dogs do not have the digestive enzymes or system to cope with grains. Grains are also one of the biggest sources of allergies for dogs and many people find that when they switch to a raw meat and bone diet the allergies their dogs had disappear.

So what are the main benefits of feeding raw?


Your pet will have much improved breath, minimal tartar build and beautifully clean and healthy teeth.


This can be one of the first changes you will notice when you start feeding a raw diet, it is hard to ignore the deeply coloured, lustrous, thick and healthy coat. Persistent skin problems can also improve or disappear completely.


A raw diet normalises and strengthens the immune system. Because it contains a good balance of essential fatty acids and other strengthening nutrients it reduces inflammatory conditions and eliminates infections.


Your pet will lose unwanted fat and gain increased muscle mass. This not only makes them look better but increases their activity levels and healthy life span.


A raw diet is more readily absorbed than a grain fed and high carb diet resulting in firmer stools with less volume and odour.


Living enzymes break down and utilise food to maximise the digestive system’s effectiveness.


Feeding raw gives our dogs the opportunity to really get a mentally stimulating experience as it takes a lot more mental and physical work for a dog to rip and tear meat off and crunch through bones. Anyone who feeds raw will know the enjoyment from watching their dogs eating and enjoying their meal.

All our dogs are fed a raw diet and al the treats we use and sell at Clippity Snip are 100% natural, with no artificial colour or preservatives. We have a selection of British made snacks and training treats for sale, sourced from Green & Wilds.

“A raw diet will ensure that they are getting all the vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will keep them fit and healthy.”


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