Natural Flea & Tick Prevention

31st March 2017

Are there any natural Flea & Tick treatments?

shutterstock_181338245-2Fleas and Ticks are a constant worry for pet owners, especially during the summer months when they are very active. Ticks are particularly active between May and October whilst fleas are prevalent between April and November, although they are now an all year round problem due to the widespread use of central heating. So how can we deal with this problem without resorting to chemicals?

My favoured treatments are those using a naturally derived product called Neem. The Neem tree grows in tropical and sub tropical countries and scientists are particularly interested in one family of chemicals particular to Neem that act together to produce a ‘synergistic’ or ‘enhanced’ effect. It is a non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to pesticides and continual use of Neem based products will prevent ticks and fleas making a home on your pet. Due to the gentle nature of the products and the avoidance of harsh chemicals they also leave the coat and skin in tip top condition. At Clippity Snip we are able to bathe your dogs with specially formulated all-natural shampoo containing Neem oil.

If you want to make your own safe, non-toxic flea repellents, here’s some options:


A badly infested animal really needs to be bathed so use your favourite dog shampoo. Rinse your pet off very thoroughly and in the final rinse add a couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil (don’t use Tea Tree on cats) or Lavender oil. An alternative is to make your own herbal flea dip which will also work on ticks. Steep two cups of fresh rosemary in two pints of boiling water for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid, discard the leaves and make it up to 8 pints with warm water. Pour this mixture over your pet until it is saturated. Do not rinse off and allow the dog to dry naturally.

shutterstock_119651287-2CITRUS REPELLENT

Cut a lemon into quarters and place in a pint jug. Cover the lemon with boiling water and let it steep overnight. Next day you have a flea repellent that you can use in a spray bottle. Spray all over your dog or cat remembering especially behind the ears and around the head generally (careful of eyes), around the base of the tail and under their ‘armpits’.


Using 10 ml of sweet almond oil as your base, add 10 drops of lavender and 5 drops of cedarwood. Shake well and use 1 or 2 drops spread over the skin at least twice a week to keep the fleas away.


This can be made by rubbing a few drops of one of the following into an ordinary webbing or rope collar or even a doggy bandana: Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Citronella, Lavender or Geranium. Don’t forget to do this weekly.


Fleas spend most of their time in your furnishings and only hop onto your pet or you for their final meal. Make sure you wash your pet’s bedding regularly because no flea ever survived a hot wash cycle. If you add eucalyptus oil to the final rinse it can also kill up to 99% of house dust mites. Vacuum your home very thoroughly and sprinkle a fine layer of ordinary table salt over your upholstery and carpets and leave overnight before vacuuming. The salt will desiccate and kill the fleas without you or your family and pets having to breathe in any toxic chemicals! Don’t forget to empty your vacuum bag.


shutterstock_452551300-2Garlic may not be your favourite smell and it’s not the flea’s favourite either. When your dog or cat eats garlic, the smell is excreted through the skin making them less likely to be the fleas’ next meal, but don’t worry their breath won’t smell garlicky at all. Brewer’s yeast tablets will also help to make your pet less attractive to fleas because once again the smell is excreted through the skin. Adding a dessert spoon of apple cider vinegar to the water bowl will make the skin more acidic and unpleasant to fleas and ticks but if your pets don’t fancy apple cider vinegar in the water bowl, dilute it 50/50 with water and use in a spray bottle instead of the citrus repellent.

At Clippity Snip we offer a soothing treatment using specially formulated natural flea and tick shampoo infused with essential oil. With it’s anti-inflammatory properties that heals sore skin and insect bites, it soothes and calms, relieving itching and reducing redness. Regular use will help prevent and control fleas and provide relief from itching and scratching.

“Continual use of Neem based products will prevent ticks and fleas making a home on your pet.”


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