Holistic Grooming

14th December 2016

What does holistic grooming mean?

shutterstock_143149363-2Holistic grooming means treating the whole, the mind body and spirit, to engage both the physical and emotional needs of the animal. It involves the practice of grooming in a stress free environment to improve your pets health and wellbeing.

At Clippity Snip we don’t just groom your dog, we look at them as a whole. Being passionate about dogs and their wellbeing, we take the time to understand the individual physical and emotional needs of the dogs we are handling, and how to best work gently and kindly with fearful, aggressive or geriatric pets. We then personally tailor any treatments we use accordingly to provide optimal health for their body and mind.


We provide a full health check on each animal, looking for any lumps, bumps and skin irritations and will discuss any issues with owners, recommending a vet visit if necessary. We openly communicate with owners about addressing any issues we see that will create a better grooming experience. We also check the condition of your dog’s mouth, teath, ears and nails. The appropriate shampoos will then be selected that may help ease any issues and which will avoid any further irritation.


We only use the highest quality natural grooming products as we understand that these are essential for a healthy skin and coat. The 100% naturally derived products are organic, natural and chemical free making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin and they are free of sulphates and artificial fragrances and colourings that can cause dry, itchy skin.


All our grooming and spa services have been designed to improve your pets health and wellbeing, ensuring they receive the quality care they deserve. All our dogs are dried by hand, with no cage dryers used and we only groom one dog at a time, meaning they are in the salon for as short a time as possible. We also play relaxing music and use mood lighting and aromatherapy to promote a complete calming and sensory experience.


As a qualified Reiki practitioner I am able to use Reiki healing throughout the whole grooming process to calm any nervous dogs, making the grooming experience much more relaxing and enjoyable. If required I can also provide individual Reiki sessions to heal any physical or emotional issues your pet may have.


We offer a number of spa treatments such as Aromatherapy Baths, Deep Conditioning Treatments, Organic Mud Baths and Facials which are all designed to relax, rejuvenate and heal. All of this goes to provide a natural therapeutic experience for healthy, happy dogs.

“100% naturally derived products using the finest organic, non-toxic chemical free ingredients, essential for a healthy skin and coat.”


For further advice and information or to make an appointment please email or call 07590 053758.